40 Over 40 Official Contest Rules

IMPORTANT NOTE (1/18/2021): This are the official rules from 2020. FOR INFORMATION ON THE 2021 CONTEST, CHECK OUT THIS POST, or follow The Charlotte Ledger’s 40 Over 40 LinkedIn page.

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  • Nominees must be at least 40 years old as of Feb. 15, 2020. They must be residents of Mecklenburg County.

  • Current and past employees of The Charlotte Ledger and Mecia Communications, together with their affiliates, subsidiaries, joint-venture partners and any of their immediate family members, are not eligible for nomination.

General information:

  • To nominate somebody, fill out the nomination form. The nomination serves as the entry form for the contest. Multiple nominations are welcome. You may nominate yourself.

  • You must personally know the person you are nominating.

  • All applications must be submitted by 11:59 pm Eastern time on January 31, 2020. 

  • An independent panel of judges will review the application forms and select the winners. All winners will be approved by The Charlotte Ledger editorial staff in its sole discretion. All decisions made by the judges and the editorial staff of The Charlotte Ledger will be final and nonappealable.

  • The judges and The Charlotte Ledger, in their sole discretion, may alter the number of winners.

  • The judges and The Charlotte Ledger, in their sole discretion, may disqualify any nomination found to be violating any of these rules, providing false information, or for any other reason. Such a decision is not subject to appeal.

  • The judges and The Charlotte Ledger will attempt to verify the information submitted.

  • After selecting the winners, judges and The Charlotte Ledger will contact the winners to receive additional information.

  • Winners will receive an attractive certificate suitable for framing (frame not included) and a Charlotte Ledger 40 Over 40 beverage koozie designed by friend of the Ledger Clay Sealey (who also designed the attractive 40 Over 40 logo). The Charlotte Ledger, in its sole discretion, may change the prizes.

  • Winners will be announced in a future special edition of The Charlotte Ledger.

  • There is no fee to enter, no dinner ticket to buy, no gala award table to sponsor, no special advertising section to congratulate winners, no money changing hands.

  • The Charlotte Ledger 40 Over 40 is run by The Charlotte Ledger, an award-winning e-newsletter providing original business news and analysis serving Charlotte. It is not affiliated with any other awards program, publication or events company.

Privacy policy:

  • As part of this contest, The Charlotte Ledger and its 40 Over 40 judges will receive information about nominees and nominators, including names, email addresses and other information volunteered in the nomination form.

  • By submitting an application, the nominator agrees that The Charlotte Ledger might contact the nominator and nominee to verify information.

  • Information submitted will be used only for the purposes of administering the 40 Over 40 contest. It will not be used for any other purpose, not even signing up contest participants for The Charlotte Ledger’s award-winning newsletter (though that’s a smart idea).

  • Unlike other local business publications, The Charlotte Ledger certainly will not sell or rent any personal information under any circumstances to “list buyers … advertising, marketing and sponsorship clients … data co-ops … [or] consumer data suppliers/resellers, data enrichment providers and aggregators.”


  • Judges will be selected by the editorial staff of The Charlotte Ledger in its sole discretion.

  • Judges will be under the age of 40 but will be chosen for their wisdom and common sense by The Charlotte Ledger.

  • Judges will be instructed to consider each applicant’s dedication to the community and leadership, with a focus on identifying people not normally recognized by the media or other award programs.

  • Judges will give each application a score from 1-10. The judges’ scores will be tallied. Applicants with the highest scores will be the winners, subject to the approval of The Charlotte Ledger following an appropriate verification process.

  • Attempts to influence judges is expressly discouraged.

Questions? Contact 40over40@cltledger.com .