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The business of sports, with Mike Boykin of Bespoke Sports & Entertainment

The business of sports, with Mike Boykin of Bespoke Sports & Entertainment

Mike Boykin discusses the importance of collaboration in the marketing field

Mike Boykin is the CEO of Bespoke Sports & Entertainment, an award-winning Charlotte-based marketing agency. He’s part of the team responsible for dumping Duke’s mayonnaise on football coaches’ heads at the Duke’s Mayo Classic.

Boykin also started a networking group called Charlotte Sports and Business that now has thousands of members. The group is open to anyone in the industry and meets about eight times a year for breakfast and about three times a year for a happy hour.

In this episode of The Charlotte Ledger Podcast, Boykin discusses:

  • The need for collaboration in the marketing field.

  • What he learned about client relationships while working for a larger agency, and how he can better support his clients now with his smaller agency.

  • Mistakes made and how he learned from them.

  • What members of his Charlotte Sports and Business networking group can get out of being in the group.

  • How he balances the growth of Bespoke with his commitment to the direct connection with the client and the client’s needs.

  • His thoughts on Charlotte and the city’s future.

Boykin received The Ledger’s 40 Over 40 Award in 2020 for his work with Bespoke Sports & Entertainment and the Charlotte Sports and Business networking group.

This podcast episode is part of a series highlighting winners of The Ledger’s 40 Over 40 awards, which honor and celebrate often unheralded people over the age of 40 who are making impactful contributions to Charlotte. It’s hosted by Steve Dunn of Miles Mediation and Arbitration.

Find out more about the 40 Over 40 awards by going to

We hope you enjoy the conversation with Mike Boykin.

The Charlotte Ledger Podcast is produced by Lindsey Banks.

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