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The economics of stadium renovations

The economics of stadium renovations

Davidson College economics professor Fred Smith on the Bank of America Stadium deal — and why most economists are skeptical of public investments in sports

In June 2024, the city of Charlotte struck a deal with Tepper Sports and Entertainment to fund renovations at Bank of America Stadium, which is the home to the Carolina Panthers and Charlotte FC.

The city will put up $650M toward the project from hotel, motel and prepared food taxes, and Tepper Sports will put up a total of $688M. The stadium first opened in 1996, and the city and Carolina Panthers say it's a vital economic engine and that this project is an investment in the city's economic growth.

This bonus, off-the-news episode of The Charlotte Ledger Podcast features a conversation about the stadium renovations with Fred Smith, an economics professor at Davidson College who teaches courses in urban and public economics, as well as sports economics and American economic history.

We hope you enjoy the conversation with Fred Smith.

The Charlotte Ledger Podcast is produced by Lindsey Banks.

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