40 Over 40: An important improvement

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Contest revision: We’re determined to find the unsung over-40s out there — even if they’re humble

Last week, The Ledger announced an exciting new contest throughout January designed to discover and honor people aged 40+ who are making valuable contributions to Charlotte.

Now, we’re improving it.

Here’s how: Under the old rules, when you nominated somebody, that person would receive a form to fill out to be entered in the contest. But as it turns out, many of these people nominated who are 40+ are humble. They didn’t want to place themselves at the center of attention. They felt unworthy of the honor. Those are old-school, 40+ values, folks.

But we want to celebrate the people who are working under the radar to make Charlotte a better place — even if their humility inhibits them from telling others about their important work.

Even some of those who agreed to apply seemed bashful:

  • “I am actually quite humbled to be nominated and am not sure I deserve to be in the company of others nominated,” wrote a 51-year-old schools volunteer and former hospice worker from Dilworth.

  • “Please note I am responding because someone else nominated me,” wrote a 53-year-old neighborhood leader and parks advocate who lives in Chantilly.

Therefore, The Ledger is changing the nominations process. Starting today, people nominating others will be asked to submit a brief statement (no more than 500 words) explaining why they are nominating that person. That statement will serve as a contest entry and will be reviewed by our panel of wise millennial judges. The deadline is Jan. 31.

Once the winners are selected, we will contact them to verify the information provided (and their eligibility) and to ensure that they are willing award recipients. We think most of them will accept — especially with a limited-edition 40 Over 40 koozie and a certificate of appreciation on the line.

To those who submitted contest entries under the old rules: Thank you for sharing your stories. Your entries will be judged on equal footing against those coming in under the new rules.

To those who already nominated somebody else: You might want to nominate again with the new form, which you can now use to tell us all about somebody deserving of 40 Over 40 recognition.

Nominate a special 40+ person in your life right now:

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Please spread the word — and help us find these folks and give them the attention they deserve:

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For more information:

Good luck to all!

Questions? Contact 40over40@cltledger.com.

— Tony Mecia, publisher, The Charlotte Ledger

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