Transit Time: a newsletter about getting around in Charlotte

Each Thursday, The Ledger, WFAE and the UNC Charlotte Urban Institute will go in-depth on transit and transportation in Charlotte.

Transit Time is a weekly newsletter about getting around in Charlotte by car, bus, light rail, walking, biking … If you leave your house, you’re going to be interested in it.

We all know that Charlotte is changing rapidly — and part of that change is our region’s network of roads and transit options. Each week, we take a close look at some aspect of getting from one point to another in Charlotte. Maybe that’s an interview with a city leader who plays a role in setting transportation policy, or a dive into commuting data, or an examination of an emerging trend or new idea, or a look at plans for the next greenway.

And in addition, we’ll cover the city’s transit plan — honestly and fairly — which will be one of the top issues for Charlotte’s future as it’s debated in the next couple years.

It’s a place to learn about transit and transportation in Charlotte — where it is, and where it’s heading.

The really exciting part about this one is that it is produced in partnership among The Ledger, WFAE and the UNC Charlotte Urban Institute. The main writers of this weekly newsletter will be:

  • Steve Harrison, political reporter at WFAE

  • Ely Portillo, assistant director of the UNC Charlotte Urban Institute

  • Tony Mecia, executive editor of The Charlotte Ledger

Transit Time will be free to anyone who wants it and will come out weekly on Thursdays starting May 13, 2021. You can sign up for it through The Charlotte Ledger (Ledger subscribers will receive it automatically unless they opt out):

In addition, all the newsletters will be available online.

Transit Time is a production of The Charlotte Ledger, WFAE 90.7 and the UNC Charlotte Urban Institute.

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